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    Club Tormenta - Orfeu

    The performance discusses the imagetic symbols of fame and their predicted social reactions. The character arrives in its own aesthethic essencia, security and is followed by a paparazzi. The most common elements of the fame fantasy rearrenged in a bizar athmosphere, creating a sense of stage and aw during the event. The reaction of the people were either to fear interaction or to get as close as possible, voicing the name of the star, Holland Vision. The distinction between that specific night and the reality of the persona, that is by no means a public figure, is what brings the discution of how far can you manipulate symbols to create a once in a lifetime human experience.

    • Star: Rafael Holland
    • Secutiry: Vamp
    • Paparazzi: Dejumatos



    Exhibition: Berlin SpreeWerten - Space Pioneers for Creative Footprint 

    The goal of this project was to interview and portrait the legends of the club scnece in Berlin, in order to create awareness of the importance of the creative economy and to better understand how to fight gentrification. The exhibition, named Space Pioneers after the club owners involved, explores the connections between the people and the architecture that form the foundation of Berlin's creative scene. The intimate transparent portraits of the often hidden figures in their stark, empty spaces highlights the quiet fragility of Berlin's dynamic and turbulent music scene, and pays homage to the vital authors of the past and future of city's vibrant subculture. 

    People and venues:

    1. Tresor and Kraftwerk's Dimitri Hegemann;

    2. Sage's Sascha Disselkamp;

    3. Watergate's co-founder Steffen Hack;

    4. Freischwimmer Restaurant and Ipse's Falk Walter;

    5. Gretchen Club's Pamela Schobeß and Lars Döring; 

    6. Heideglühen's Julian Schulz;

    7. Jonny Knüppel Collective.

    Supported by Berlin Music Board, Curated by the Creative Footprint.



    The Wrong New Diginal Art Biennale - CCSP

    The installation Sorry Anything, by Planalto - um artista brasileiro nascido em 2012 (Ruda Cabral and Juliana Matos for this project) talks about technology and its many ways of interaction, touching arenas such as privacy, censorship and A.I. identity. As an example, one of the screens consists on a timeline that describes the development of the A.I. (1) First time a machine bet a human in logical though, (2) first time it could tell and individual from many others (in that case an specific cat) and the present time, (3) where A.I. builds an identity to itself. At the exhibition the screen was attached to a movement sensor that detects human movements, making the characters on the screen react to the viewer. The closer you get the less you see.



    Beijing Design Week, SP-ARTE 

    Interposing experiences and selves in a silent conversation while overlaying clashes and resemblances of both cities, the artists bond instantly, getting lost and found in themselves.

    During their drifting process, artist Nana Janus and Dejumatos, were interposed not only by the experience, but also by themselves as they were trying to find Sao Paulo in Beijing.

    Performance no 1 - Looking for Sao Paulo in Beijing 

    For their first Performance, they have crossed the city of Beijing, as twins, placing signs written in Chinese, inviting people to join them in the research either coming to our station in Cao Chang Di, or following the project in Instagram.

    Performance no 2 - Finding their Place 

    On the second performance, the artists merged into one. Not only among the two of them, but with their territory, as they found their place in Cao Chang Di, where the A Sala installation held the starting point of the connection between cities aligning the project concept.

    Performance no 3 - Let Forever Be

    For the last performance, they presented themselves as part of the place, playing with their bodies to enroll the development of design, following the assemblages that were develop to create the place that welcomed the Chinese audience to rethink the use of space and leftovers, through dialogues on ways of living a contemporary life.


    #ElaFazHistória is a Facebook Project that creates a space for entrepreneurial women to make valuable connections, share advice and move forward, together. As a photographer and entrepeneur I was invited participate on the first networking comunity of amazing woman and to make the first roll of portraits.

    FACEBOOK São Paulo - Mostra #ElaFazHistória

    Senado Nacional - Mostra #ElaFazHistória 



    Fundação Oswald de Andrade

    The goal of the installation was to ethnic and geografically understand the Bom Retiro Neighbourhood. How their diverse group interacts and shapes the cultural environment. Among the groups in the area are Jews, Bolivians, Coreans and Armenians, mostly working in the textile field.

    The work is composed by sewing machines, working with light over the local tissues. The mapping brightens and eclipses the neighbourhood according to the sound design (in four languages), interconnecting the distinct cultures.



    Museu Nacional de Brasília - Mostra “Cultura, criatividade e diversidade por meio do Instagram” 

    First brazilian printed Instagram exhibition.